Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random: Sew slow!

{Sew Slow}! The log cabin project is putting away for last few weeks. Finally today lay them on the floor and just check to see how they would fit together! I haven't finalized the layout, but though the light and dark contrast grouping is fun! I might try different layout once I have few more blocks.  They all needed a good iron press and small trim on the edges.  Sew far, sew good!?

Are you still in the Farmer's wife quilt along? Here are the blocks that I have made so far, 46 blocks. I still plan on making all the blocks then assemble them together! It sure makes me feel happy to see them put together.

I need to get back to it again! I have been skipped some of complex blocks and work on the simpler ones. I could see myself dive into this quilt once I finish school. I plan on hand quilting this quilt and probably would make it a wall hanging rather than using it for the bed. I found quilt along projects have been wonderful for me! Datelines make me nervous! I love taking time and move my way to the end. Also enjoy visiting others' creation!

After my {Popsicle block} I ordered the August {Dish Treat Blocks} right away! Don't you just love these sweet treats? I am so curious about how this quilt would turns out! I can't wait for the September block to come, but before that I shall have my August block finish!

The sky is cloudy and cool these days! I started drinking hot tea rather than cold iced raspberry tea. I miss the sunny summer days, but I really like cozy Fall season!  This week would be the very last week to return to school. My goal is have a productive week... sew carry on!



  1. you have lots of fun projects going on, they are all so lovely. I love that paper pieced block. I'm planning on working on my popsicles soon.

  2. They all look so pretty. There are a lot of gorgeous fabrics in here.


  3. Hi! A lot of work in all this blocks! They turn out lovely! AnneK:-)


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