Sunday, August 12, 2012

Random: Weekending

Cool temperature, craft fun { kiki got a new outfit from S}, and some summer rain! Love the real letter arrived my mailbox instead of inbox. Love seeing these airmail envelopes showing up once in awhile.Love seeing these stamps that written in the language that I knew all my life and love seeing these postal stamp marks shows the date and place that was being mail.  I think I am feeling a bit {homesick} today! I shall pick up my phone and give my family a ring!


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  1. Hi! A real letter! Not just a bill!! It's old fashion!? Thin paper and thin envelopes, air Mail. The world is so much " smaller" in 2012. The first time i went to US in 89, I did not call my husband in one week!, today we would have mailed and send sms everyday.......that was before we had a cellphone in hand all the time.... Take care!! Annek:-)


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