Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Food that reminded me of home!

 Pumpkin flowers are my new summer love food! 

 荔枝 {Li-chi}.. it is a summer fruit! Sweet and juice. 

 Peel off the skin and eat . Spit the seed out! 

 A little stash of fabric! 

We took a short road trip today instead of being home! I didn't get the chance to sew at all today, since the road trip was very important to me! After talked to my family on the phone I was so hungry! I couldn't sleep! I had hundreds of different food came in my dream, but I was still very hungry when I woke up! The hunger wasn't physical, but the mental kind. The kind of hunger is hard to describe! Maybe craving is the better word?

We went to the Asian market and did a big grocery shopping. It was very dangerous when I went with a hungry mind!  I bought more than I normal would buy. Extra veggies and extra treats! Of course extra coffee that's  made from home! It was the flavor that's calling me! The flavors from the memory! When we came home I started cooking. The big dinner gave us 100/100 satisfactory; physically and mentally. Nothing extra fancy went in to food, but the right ingredients fitted in the empty stomach. 

Even though I have been out of my home country for so many years, but I can't tell you that something called{ hometown food} can't never go away. It is so important to me! Whenever I go visit my family. I would start a list of food that I must eat while I am there. I am glad S  likes the flavors that I introduced to her. She has bits of memory from her babyhood and visits that she has done from  last couple of years.  

I am satisfy from the food that I made and will carry these food energy on and on..  


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