Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random: Check In

Happy August! I am back! We had great time while we were away. On the departure day, we drove through the rainstorm and was cold all the way to our first destination. We have made many  stops on the first day. We headed to IKEA for the first time in the states. It was so fun! We found an apartment sitting in a 588 square feet { closed to our apartment size}. S and I started to talk about how to transfer our place into the IKEA home. We really need their wonderful storage space! We spent our Saturday morning in IKEA and of course I did a little fabric shopping { will get some photos later on}. 

The big adventure for S this summer is that she visited the amusement park for the first time. In the past, she was too small for all the rides and it was always not so fun for her. This year, she is so proud of herself stood in front of each ride's measurement board and tip up her chin as high as she can and announced she is { TALL} enough to get on the ride.  I am still dizzy as I write! S took 14 rides and I did 11 rides. I think by the 10th ride I was about to give up! We didn't eat much that night  since we both got so upset and dizzy! We scream so hard and had most amazing crazy summer vacation that we have had in years! We did all the school shopping already! It was a way to spent extra two hours at the outlet stores. It is just amazing how S needs a new pair of shoes each school year. We were able to get two pairs for one pair price! It was a score for us! 

We finally drove through the corn and bean fields after our adventures in the twin city! We spent rest of our vacation back in Iowa. Some of you might knew that I lived in Iowa for 10 years before I moved away. I have always considered myself an Iowan and love our friends there! We like to call it our home in states. It was just relaxing and catching up with old friends and had lots Iowa sweet corns and of course the pork chop!  

J's quilt has been delivered! It was a surprise to her and she loves it so much! She has Stella the pup and I have Stella the girl! Isn't that cute? Two Stellas were in the same house for three years and the kids were never get confused about them together! We love Stella the pup so much! She a golden doodle and just as cute as you seen from the picture.

The wedding was the highlight of our trip! I was taking the photos during the wedding rehearsal and the wedding day! It was beautiful and very cozy!  There's so much to talk about the wedding and I was surprised that I ran into a quilt friend that I have not seen in 4 years. She was invited by the groom side and I was the brides friend. The world is so small! We chat and chat.. it felt like a little reunion for us! I saw so many old neighborhood friends and spent the nice evening together in the beautiful wedding.

I did { a little} fabric shopping, but nothing modern or fancy!  I was looking for retro and feedsack and I found some!  You probably would think that I am crazy! I bough a table in Iowa, but wasn't able to take it with me, so I left it with the store owner! It is a wooden table, but needs a little love and care to make it shine! We wish we could have stay forever, but I was ready to come home and have my own bed. I miss sitting in my sewing chair and hearing the clunk clunk sound. I miss my raspberry tea while I was away and I had to make some right away when I got home! S misses her animals and of course reading time that she regular does every afternoon.

Thank you for all the sweet comments and email about the {patchwork bucket}. I will have more to share later on! It might take me a few extra days to get our home ready and I can enjoy the raspberry tea and sewing again.  Thank you for all the orders that made during the shop break! Your orders are being pack and will be ship on August 1st. 

We are happy to be home! I love { Home sweet Home}! 



  1. What lovely picutres, full of brightness and activity! Sounds like you had a wonderful time

    1. The trip was wonderful! We both had great time and witness a wonderful wedding!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like very good times. I loved seeing the pretty quilt in there. It's one I keep thinking of....
    ; )

    1. J loves her quilt! I hope she uses it everyday and snuggle with it everyday.. I love snuggle with my quilts. It always brings me back the time when I was making it.


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