Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random: Weekending

It seems like we needed this week just to catch up from our vacation. Loads of Landry, big grocery shopping list, a smelled like banana kitchen { did I mention I left two bananas out for two weeks?}, and a long list of errands to run. I am glad that all is catch up and we are slowly back to the regular retinue. S had a violin performance at the Farmer's market this morning and I bought the camera with, but the SD card was left in the computer. It was a little disappointed, but we came home with some fresh veggies and some tasty cookies. In 2006, when I moved back to U.S. again, I learned to eat healthier and support local farmers when I can. I have many friends who have gardens or farms. During the summer time, we would swap food. Normally I am the one who bake and they swap their veggies with us. I have always enjoy knowing the people and knowing where is the food came from. It also helps S to appreciated the the food that serve at the dinner table each day. 

 A trip to Joann's sometimes can be dangerous. All I needed was three zipperes, but I cam home with a small stashes of fabric. The between three prints are Denyse Schmidt's new fabric line for Joann's. It is called Richmond.  The last print is Alexander Henry's Harvest from the 2004.  

The sewing scissors is 50% at Joann's till the 5th of August. Additionally I have had a total 25% off coupon. So, I finally bough my first pair of Gingher scissors. It is a dream scissors that I have been wanted! It is amazing how a good pair of scissors can do! I highly recommended it! I think I paid less than 15 dollars for it! Go get a pair.. You won't feel sorry!

Once I have all the laundry folded and put away! I turned my movie on and have my raspberry tea.  Of course, the sewing machine was being clean and I finished what I left before the trip. I will show and tell later on..

I am glad that we got an ipad! It has been a great tool for S. She is able to use it as part of her summer research and some games during her free time.  Today she is busy working with the undersea animals. I do wish I have one, too, but I think we might be able to share...

The mint is growing and finally I transferred it to a bigger pot! I hope the leaves can get a little bigger, so I can dry them for the winter. Mint is great for cooking and raspberry tea as well!

This is a small piece of hand-pieced and hand-quilted quilt that has been saved from my friend's family. I think this quilt has been in the family for several generations. My friend gave it to me a while ago and I have been saving it. There were many ideas that I have had, but I never taken any deeper though about what to make.  I think I am about to cut this piece down and make something fun!

I am slow preparing myself to the back to school mode and getting ready for the class that I will be teaching. Many preparations need to be taking care! My last year in Graduate school is a little overwhelming, but I must tell you I am excited that I will be able to have a full degree in hand and move on!  It has been a cool and resting day. S is working on her undersea project and I am ready to sew more. Today I am making another jar of raspberry tea. Are you a tea drinker?


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