Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sew Sweet!!

Do you love sweets?  I {LOVE} sweets! These are the special kind from Ayumi's SP quilt along- {Dishy Treats}. You need to have some of these sweets and I promise you they are {sew sweet}! I actually pretended all my school works were done and started {Dishy Treats} on Friday morning and didn't leave the chair till later in the afternoon. After I got up, I was covered with threads again.. This time, I had  lighter top on. S and I took a big walk together after my big sweet treats! She kept telling me how she loves these ice creams.

Bunny, this is S' fav..  I saved this piece for the last! Can you tell why? The bunny's eye scared me.. I am still trying to get the right look of smaller pieces.

This ice cream dish turns out a little busier than I pictured! I have big love of vintage printed dishes and though the retro print would go with the bowl. I need some solid fabric after making these blocks. I put a note to myself and have already started looking for some solid fabric.
This is matcha{抹茶}flavor ice cream! I love matcha cake, matcha cookies, matcha ice cream.. anything matcha. I always get them when I visit Japan or Taiwan. I also have tried lavender flavor ice cream when I visited Sapporo, Japan in 1999. These two flavor of ice cream are very unique.
This is Jello-O in a very unique combination! From the left to right: chocolate, lemon, green mango and top with strawberry! Does this sound not so delicious?  I love the bitter chocolate flavor, sweet sour lemon tasty, and the crunchy green mango texture. Now, I have need to giggle myself a bit for the silly flavor I created!

I have enjoy { S.P. quilt along} so much! I can't wait what Ayumi brings for September!  Have you visit the {Flickr pool} lately? It is really sweet! I promised S to make a set of {dish treats} for her when we can sit down for one weekend, so she can pick out her colors and prints! She wants a pillow like this and this.. I will be busy making these happen before Christmas arrives.



  1. wow, Chase, you're fast. Those look so yummy!

  2. Ohhh they are lovely, the flavours of your jello look really tasty

  3. They're gorgeous Chase! And I love all the flavours you chose. I looove matcha too :)

  4. They are all so perfectly cute, Chase!! It's hard to pick a favorite! I am so looking forward to seeing your pillow for S!
    I will visit Hokkaido in December! Sounds like I'll have to give lavender ice cream a try!!

  5. These are beautiful. You have done a beautiful job with Ayumi's patterns


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