Friday, August 10, 2012

Random: Scraps

The scrap bin was full up till yesterday! I did more patchwork piecing and set these patchwork pieces aside. I have not decided what to make, but it always comes in handy when they are being pieced and ready to be make into some practical items.  The studio room at home is finally coming together. Projects have been sorted, packages have been sent and I reached my {the week goal}- the citizenship paperwork is done!  I need to get two photos in a passport size and submit the application. One of the question on the paper work asked how many trips that I have taken  outside of U.S. within last 5 years and how many days for each trip? I looked up my passport and put down dates that I left and returned and total the numbers. It was 145 days. I think there's a need to travel more in the future! :)

Last night, I added tutorial icons on the right side of the blog bar. I hope it will be easier for you to navigate the tutorials. The weekend is ahead of us and this will be the last weekend before school starts! I shall dive in school preparations and  some sewing, of course!

The temperature has been cool in N.D. We are in our sweatshirts in mornings and nights.  I discovered the some tree tops are turning yellow yesterday. There is a little whisper sound in my head saying, "summer stay a little longer".



  1. These are sooo pretty! Good luck on your citizenship. I think I need to start traveling more, too! And you're right about summer leaving us, and waaaay too soon! Thanks for the bucket tutorial - I can't wait to make some time to sew some up!

  2. Hi!! I love your fabric!!:-) And thank you for the tutorial to the bucket!! Have a nice weekend!! AnneK:-)

  3. Ive been scrap patching little pieces of late too, my theory being that it may reduce the stash somewhat........well it seems logical, the fabric scraps are flatter then surely!

    Ive got florals and xmas fabrics on the sort of, two projects at once lol
    Love your blocks, really like the text printed one..........good luck with classes!

  4. you do the most amazing patchwork with scraps. I am so guilty, my scrap bin is too full.

  5. After the heat we've had in New Hampshire this summer, I am awaiting the cooler weather and would love to get out my sweatshirts!

    Oh well, I guess we never like what we have in front of us!



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