Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday: in and about

It has been awhile since I stayed home on {Wednesdays}! This morning, Wednesday was calling my name and has been an interesting day, since I stayed home!  I have few accidents, yes the bad ones! Shall we continue? The phone was ringing while I was sewing then I scurried up and wanted to reach the phone. then........ Bam! Bam! I was down on the floor! I lost myself for a few seconds then tried to recall what had just happened to myself.  I was tripped down by the sewing machine petal core and on my left side of the floor was a small ironing board and on top of that was a heated iron! The sewing machine was pulled by the petal core and was fall on my right foot.  I saved the machine first then started looking for the heated ironing..... then I took a deep...  breath then move on for the day.....

Then, I took an apple from the fruit bowl and had few bites!

Everything went fine after the sewing machine accident until the Pyrex bowl fall on the floor. I felt bad, still feel bad that I broke the dish! I saved all the scraps and Chippy! Cleaned the floor and make sure not small glass chips left on the floor.  The {in and about} Wednesday became my {one of the kind of the day}.. boo... 

Other than these accidents, I had a productive day and accomplished some w.i.p. work! I might need another cup of tea later on...



  1. Sorry to hear about your mishaps today. Thank goodness there were no major injuries or burns! (It sounds like you had what I call a clumsy day. A couple of months ago when I was cleaning up down in the garden, I somehow tripped and fell headlong--boom--but luckily into a garden bed I had just finished weeding and had a soft landing! I did have some aches for a while though.) It's good to see your accidents didn't put you in a "no sewing" mood. Take care. --Becky C.

    1. Thank you! {Clumsy} was what S said when I shared my day with her in the car. Sometimes, clumsy day happens! I am glad you are safe from your fall! It seems like today is a better day already! :) Sewing will be conduct later in the day...

  2. Some days are like that! Hope tomorrow is better ; )

  3. ouch, what a day. Here's to a better tomorrow!

  4. ohh! That all sounds a bit too much, there will always be more pyrex bowls, you have made room for another!

  5. Oh mY what a day. Are you ok. Did you get burned?

  6. Oh, goodness, Chase! What a nightmare! Glad you didn't get burned, anyway. Hope your bruises are healed by now.


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