Monday, October 1, 2012

Random: Scraps are in

The scrap quilt is coming slowly, but gradually ! I hung them on the pin board, so I can see them {together}.  It would be great to seem them come together as a piece, but now they are hanging there.  The collective mini quilt between me and S still not completed. She decided to let me take over the embroidery part. The mini quilt has been hanging on pin board since school started. I needed to revisit it once the craziness is slowing down.

These six log cabin blocks didn't make it to the quilt. Not even the backing and  I kept it aside. I set them with my kitchen sink quilt blocks together, but decided to pull four blocks out this morning.

After assembling these four blocks.... maybe a tote? a pillow case? a placemat? a small table topper?
Maybe a mini quilt for Kiki, the hippo.



  1. That is some major yumminess hanging on your design board. I vote for a quilt for the hippo! :-)

  2. So much beautiful scraps! Love that' first picture too!


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