Thursday, October 25, 2012

Patchwork Pins

I have been working on these {patchwork pins} last few days!  Scrap patchwork never gets old on me! It is always inspiring and challenging. I often think what's next??  A small sculpture piece that can be wear/ pin on pop in my head. The process of making these were very organic! I let the scrap pieces take me, either the shape or the colors.  It is super unique! A little decoration and something special to wear.

I made two for myself and pin them on my sweater and scarf!  YES, I am an addictive scrap patchwork sewer and I love to sew! Tiny scraps are equal value to my yardage fabric! I love these {patchwork pins}. 

I have listed them in the shop! Each {patchwork pin} is hand-quilted. The backing is lined with 100% linen and hand sewn jewelry style pin in the back of the patchwork {Jewelry style pin secures the pin, so it will not easy slip out!}.



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