Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random: Ahead, sew!

It is getting harder to photograph during the later afternoons/early evenings.  We are in the {winter warning} till tomorrow morning and expecting 6" or more snow!?  We might need our snow coat, boots, and all the winter gears tomorrow morning. The wind is blowing really strong as the windows are making the sounds and on the other side of the room that someone is sounded in asleep!  Part of the reason that I love Fall and winter is that S doesn't question going to bed early, since it gets dark around 7p.m. here.  I am slowly working on the {Log cabin} quilt. I quilt  half an hour during the nights. I feel a bigger loop is needed, but  think a trip to IKEA might be better! I used  two of IKEA'S {VIKA ARTUR} for my hand quilting frame in my school studio. I'd love to write more about this later.  The only concern is we have a very small place here, so might not able to have additional quilting frame tool at home.  Plus a super messy sewing space!  S and I decided to work together this weekending... Our goal is clean up our space!

No sure if you can see from this photo. I hand-quilted the center piece 1/4" apart.  The texture of hand-quilting is very soft! For the first time, I didn't used white quilting thread. I went for Gutermann quilting thread {CA02776}. It is almost a light blue gray thread.

I stood up late again and finished seven {dumplings} exterior pieces and ordered zippers today.....hope they will arrive soon! I plan on scale up the pattern and make larger version. My sister has been asking for a makeup pouch since last year I visited home. It is scary to check my over due promises list. 

Finally, Finally... I ordered Anna's {241 Tote pattern}. I read through the file after I download it! It is a great and easy following pattern.  Have you seen {Elnora's 241 tote}. It is super cute!! I can't wait to get mine made and carry it with me! I think my sister might like one, too. 

Stay up late at night isn't my strength anymore! I blame on the dark coffee that I have been drinking lately! I slept through the alarm this morning then jump up when I saw the light came in the room.  I have try to be a little healthier, but I think coffee at 3p.m. isn't ideal... I might needed to get some afternoon tea instead! When I used to live in New York,  I used to  have tea break at 3p.m. with a gentleman from England whom rented a studio space from my boss. That was the first time I try tea with cream and was a new experience for me!  I think the same of the tea was earl gray.



  1. Chase, your projects look fantastic! Are you going to quilt the whole quilt 1/4" apart, that would surely kill me. You are so patient! And those Dumplings will look fantastic. I might make some tomorrow night, I can't wait.

  2. I love the log cabin quilt, it is gorgeous and you can totally see the hand quilting.

  3. Love the way you're quilting the log cabins, Chase! And OM, you're so fast! Seven dumpling exteriors in one evening, plus all the other stuff??!!? Thanks for mentioning my 241! Yours is going to be fantastic...

  4. I can't wait to see your 241 tote! I know it will be gorgeous!!!

  5. Are you quilting the whole quilt like that or just the center? Its stunning and you make me want to take up hand quilting again

  6. Hi!! I realy love your logcabin quilt!! You made it so fast!! And the quilting! Great work:-) I always think that we who lives in Norway, got the snow early!? But I think you live further north. Next friday, one week from tomorrow, the sun in Florida will shine on me. I`m visiting friends!! Lucky me:-) Hopefully I will find some nice quiltshops too. AnneK:-)

    1. Thank you, Anne! We got 4 inches snow today and drove through mini blizzard this morning. I am hoping you will have great time in Florida!! Oh... Send me some of the heat and sunshine!! Of course, wish you good luck finding some local fabric stores there...

  7. Smashing quilting idea that.
    I prefer Lady Grey tea, to the classic fragrant Earl.........its less perfumed and has more flavour somehow and maybe best drunk with lemon slice and no milk.
    British tea is drunk with milk rather than cream over here but yes, its finest first thing of a morning AND mid afternoon lol


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