Saturday, October 27, 2012

Random: Weekending

 { field study}


 { play in}



 {meyer lemons}

 { onto binding}

 { w.i.p. binding}

 {my favorite part of quilting: binding}

 {on her side}

 {resting after indoor jump rope}



It is smelling sweet, salty, and caramel here, right now! Each year, we make a big batch of caramel corns on the weekend before Halloweens. It is the best of best treat during the fall season. S was able to help out popping the kernels and was able to sample them as we make. She also requested caramel apples this time, since her top retainer is off. It will be a nice treat for her and maybe myself as well!

Finally a fat quarter bundle of {field study} and {bella} was in order and arrived. I wasn't sure about them until many lovely projects have been show and tell on flickr and blogs.  These are very pretty! Soft texture on filed study and bold colors on bella. The second Swoon quilt will be in action soon! It is a quilt for my mom who turned 60 early this year. I think she will love the colors and prints in field study.  Bella would be great to coordinate with paper piecing projects that I have been working on lately.

S has been involved more music this year. She was playing in {NDMA} today with her fellow violinists. The youngest one was 3-year-old. It is amazing how Suzuki violin group is being taught. After her performance, we stayed for the museum's family day; art and crafts.  This is the best part of her day according to S.

Meyer lemons are from a friend of mine. They are sweet and the smell of them are so good! What to make has been in my head for last few hours. I might make some more lemon candy with them and a lemon cake. have you try meyer lemons before? if you do, what do you make? 

The {mini quilt} is done with hand-quilting and have just finished the binding { will have a separated post later}. Remember the {patchwork sampler}? It has been hanging in the wall for last month or longer. Finally it gets bound and ready to show and tell { another separated post later}.  

How's your weekending? Ours have been fulfilled and relaxing.. 



  1. Quilt binding - my favorite part, too! Beautiful pictures and the new fabrics!

  2. what a lovely day you had, just wonderful. I've been wondering about the Field Study for a while, I thought I'd stay away from this fabric but now I'm very tempted to get some for my stash.

  3. Beautiful day you had! And your photos are entrancing. Binding Is the best paet! Lovely plaid you ave there. I just received some Bella and a print of Field Study too. Don't you like the hand of them? I can't belive I waited so long to try either!

  4. So glad to hear you're having a great weekend, Chase! It must mean that you're recovering well from your big fall. Your projects look wonderful, as always!

  5. I want to make caramel corn too for the grandkids on Halloween.
    We have a Meyer Lemon tree. I make lemon pound cake, lemoncello, use them in my salad dressing, lemon chicken. I love Meyer Lemons!


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