Monday, October 22, 2012

Random: Farewell

Farewell; may we meet again in happier times

My dearest friend, Nishiki is leaving us for good! She is moving away and doesn't  have a  return date on her calendar.  She has been a great friend and family to us. We are not sure when we will meet again. Although the technology makes no distance, but we'll not be able to laughing together. making coffee for each other. taking the long trail walk. cooking together and talking art in our passion.

I made this little card for her, in the back I wrote

" fill all the space with your dreams, your love, your happiness, and your future"  xoxo chase

{farewell, nishiki... we'll see you when we see you again... }



  1. Oh, so sorry your friend is moving away, Chase! Isn't it great that technology will make communicating with her easy, though you won't be able to share a coffee 'til you visit one another...

  2. Where Nishiki going?

  3. you are a great friend. I hope you get to see Nishiki again


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