Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random: Weekending

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The weather dramatically changed from Winter back to Fall. It is sunny, but cold! I open up a few windows this morning just to let the nice air come inside! I particular like this time of the year from the season of colors to the weather and to the time that we spent in the kitchen with great friends making food together. The preparation of getting ready for the winter is what I love; cozy and busy!

Little S is not feeling herself today. She decided to return back to her bed after had a little breakfast this morning.  It is unusual without her chatty voice... I do miss that!  Weekending for us is more than spending time together, but it is also the time for me to catch up the house works.  It is a great feeling after the organizing our home. However, the corner of the sewing room isn't to the point of { neat and clean}. Maybe next weekending... 

The next coming week is very important to me! I will be heading down to Fargo and getting my finger printed by the FBI { Doesn't this sound so serious?}!  It will be another step closer to the citizenship process. I am a little overwhelmed with the super fast process that has been moved.  My friends are covering my teaching class and taking S to school for me.  Meanwhile, I needed to prepared the class material, getting done with the sewing projects, and complete the project that I have wanting to share with you! All is edited and changed and now I just need to test it again!

I might have another {Weekending} later today, if not tomorrow!   How's your {weekending}?



  1. What are those strawberry goodies? They look yummy....please share with us how you made them.

  2. You always cook and bake the most delicious looking things. Yeah for the citizenship thing moving right along! Congratulations! I hope S feels better.

  3. My weekending was spent cooking and baking. Made an apple galette because my apples needed to be baked or thrown away! your strawberry pastries look yummy! Looking forward to see the project your working on.


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