Sunday, October 21, 2012

Are you cooking and baking?

{ all the blocks together!}

 {the chef}

 {the waitress}

 {the cafe}

{the scale}

{the mixing}

{the chocolate}

After finishing these {SP quilt along blocks} I realized that I used a lot of green, yellow, and blue! I think I miss summer colors even though I love the season of Fall. The month of September went by so fast and the print outs were sitting there for so long! It feels great to catch up the work and I can look forward new blocks for November! 

{the cafe} the cakes in the window can be a little darker. It was the most challenge block for me! I really need to get my hands on ordering the glue I think it will help in the future!  

{ the chocolate} is my favorite block... it is green tea flavor. My brown selection is very limited, so I decided to go with the green.

{the chef} was wearing a little greenish uniform. After I finished it, I told myself he looks like an Italian chef.

{ the mixing} when I was making this block. I though about baking ingredients and baking time, so I decided to use numbers for the interior of the bowl. The fuzzy cut didn't turn out so nice! Some of the number got trimmed down on the 1/4" seam.

{ the scale} I went a little bit spoiled on this block! Kerry sent me the Liberty print for last fabric swap and I knew that I would like something retro and fun for the mixing background. I though it turns out really classic, thanks Kerry!

{The waitress} She is sweet and fun!  The wall paper would be a bit lighter, but I think she stood out herself nicely! 

Are you cooking and baking? I just finished mine and made few more real mini apple tarts this morning!  The sewing room is all picked up; neat and organized! All the fabric are folded and sorted back them places! I shall return for more sewing...



  1. Hi Chase,
    I'm catching up on your blog posts. Thanks for sharing your life with us!
    XXOO, Carol

  2. Very cute blocks you have! People seem to really like my bucket! Thanks so much for a fabulous tutorial.

  3. I already gushed over your blocks on Flickr, but I wanted to say how much I love these and appreciate the fact you are quilting along! Thank you Chase! Your quilt will look absolutely amazing!

  4. I love all of these! I hope Ayumi adds to this one day...... I have made several of these block combos as mini quilts and sent them away. Now I'd like to make one for our family too :p


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