Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random: Weekending

 {work in progrss}

 { apples for pies}


 {making the pie}

 {once in the past, it was neat and organized!}

 { my shop name tag!}

 { my new friend, chippy}

 { shopping list}

 { a treat at the cafe`}

 { a fall afternoon walk}

 { almost grew out the bike}

 { an apple tree from the walk}

 {souvenir from the walk}

 { the kind of house that I would like to live someday}

 {the university avenue that I loved}

 { s, on the swing.. pumping herself up high}

{catch up more sewing}

S is doing well after three appointments. We made lots soft food after her appointments and all the oral tissue seems recovering itself fine! It took her another few days to learn to eat without a top retainer. She wasn't happy, but after some ice cream treats she is good!  We have been staying indoor most of the time this week.  It was raining and windy for the most part and SO cold! I stayed in the sewing room most of the time and trying to catch up sewing projects that have been sitting aside for a long time. 

Every part of our home is neat and clean! But the sewing room is clutter .. Once before the corner of the sewing room was neat and organized, but this week I pulled out so many fabrics and decided to let them hang around a little longer. The floor has lots paper pieces, fabric scraps, and threads. I am thankful that we don't have any carpet floor, so a simple sweep can take care of all the mess! Somewhat these paper pieces, fabric scraps, threads traveled to other room, maybe I need to reconsidered a big sweeping soon!

S and I were craving for apple pies. We made a few more {4}! The spices surly added to the air and smelled so good here, still! The pies have been shared to friends and ourselves! yum.. do you make your own apple pies? We love extra butter in the apple fillings and you can't go wrong with the little extra!

Do you know that I have a shop name card?  Do you like it? It is personalized by S! It has a pin in the back for me to pin on my shirt! She did a wonderful job described me as a shop owner! Chippy is my new friend.  He arrived my sewing space a few days ago! Isn't he just cute! We don't have a cage for him, so he stays in the sewing tool basket! Chippy flies everywhere from room to room, but mostly he stays in the clutter basket! 

{Weekending} has been the best time that we spend together! Family time, work time, catch up time, reading time, movie time, and also resting time! S has been a great shopping list keeper this year! She checks on the fridge before we leave for the store and keep track all the items to be pick up. Make sure mama doesn't get extra sweet that's not on the list home. As a mama, I found it is a great way for her to learn the responsibility and take great pride of being growing up! She loves taking care of big kid job!

We took a long walk and spent great time at the park in the early afternoon. Each of the "date" is the last time that we spend in ND. We'll be somewhere next year. It won't be the same Fall season and we'll be taking different walk paths and finding different parks to spend the Fall afternoons. Capture the moments that we spend here has been great and we enjoy flip these photos when we sit down . Remember the university avenue that I mentioned? Isn't it pretty? A cafe is needed!  On the university avenue there's a big house that I wish someday I will find a smaller and similar to the style! Brick houses remind me of grandma's house back home; lots childhood memories! Lots traditional homemade food and lots fruit trees were in the yard. ....

The {weekending} still is remaining here... how's your weekending? 




  1. Beautiful autumn post! Wonderful photos, sweet for the coffee looks so delicious! x Teje

  2. So lovely to hear your weekend news, Chase! Glad S is recovering from her visits to the ortho. Wish I were there with you; we could eat pie and talk about sewing!

  3. Ah, apple pies! I made two this weekend. Nothing better than a warm slice of pie with vanilla ice cream!!:)


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