Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Radom: Tips to share

It might sounded crazy! I was working really late last night.  If you check my Flickr you'll find out why. During the sleepless night,  I started the Dumpling making as my second project. { Here is the download pattern}. Thanks to my Flickr friends who have been sending me their scraps and allowing me to make the {scrap quilt} and these fun dumplings.  I am really starting Christmas making!! I shouldn't wait or it will never happen! After many { Quilt as you go} projects and dumplings. I have learned few tips that I though I'd share with you or maybe you have already done so.

Even though I used scrap fabrics and scrap batting for the dumpling making, but I still cut down my batting roughly 1/2" bigger then the pattern itself. So later on when I trace/ trim down the pattern I don't waste much edges sewing area. I found I ended up saving extra scraps from scraps making.

For the {Quilt as you go} method. I used to sew straight lines individually then at both ends there were so much threads wasted then when I trim them down I ended up having threads allover my clothes!  What I have done here is I started one point then I go on the straight line then when I am ready to  turn on to the next parallel line I made a short straight line. That help to avoid stopping sewing and sew continuously.

Here is a hand drawn diagram.  Pretend the dashing lines are the fabric piece and the straight line is  the quilting line.  I sew very close to the edge of the fabric piece.

Then when you lay your second fabric over. The second fabric piece will hide the turning lines and you'll still get the same clean straight lines.  Hope I explains clear.. let me know if I am not clear...



  1. chase
    you are so awesome!
    if you email me your address, I will send you some scraps.

  2. I do the same for my QAYG - so much better than constantly having to cut threads!

  3. love that quilting idea, the threads have been driving me crazy, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am always eager to learn any tricks for saving thread and making things easier. Thank you

  5. Gorgeous as always Chase!!! If I send you scraps will you make me a dumpling? tehe:)


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