Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random: Thursday's colors

These are the colors I seen today here! The outside is still beautiful with varies oranges, yellows, browns, reds and greens. I love driving through the university avenue and watching both side of trees. I wished there's a cafe where I can park my car somewhere and enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe read a quilting book. The mornings and the afternoons' trees are in different tins, tons, and shades. Do you have a place that you just love during the season of Fall?  I have been working on a little project here! I will for sure to share with you soon! A few checking and few editing are needed!  

Thank you for all your sweet comments on the { log cabin quilt}. I think I am only working 1/4" apart for the center piece then 1" apart for the rest of the quilt. I might go back to make some changes later on, but now I am stick with the 1" quilting apart.    This morning was very surprised to see snow on the windows and ground. Even though there was a winter warning last night, but I really didn't expected the snow!  The wind must be blowing very strong last night. The windows are covered with  snow this morning.   S was so excited when she got home from school today. She had to built her first snow of the year!  Now, it is time to turn on the furnace and be barefoot!



  1. wow, snow!
    That color palette is beautiful too. I need you to help me put fabrics together. You always do a great job

  2. S made such a handsome snowman! I'm surprised you got snow, too, even though it was forecast. Just seems so extreme! No pretty red leaves in our area. Here's how I know it's fall in San Diego: the other day when my husband came in after his three-mile jog early in the morning, he said, "I almost got cold!" He was shocked. Lol.

    I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful log cabin quilt!

  3. Oh, this definitely needs to be added to my Really Random Thursday post. I hope you will stop by and link. Snow? Wow, we are still battling the heat here in central California.


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