Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paper Piecing Pattern: Miss Pumpkin

{ Deep breath}... I have been thinking and wanting to learn something new. Finally I taken my time to sit down and visited with my colleague who does great computer work. I explained my ideas and she helped me to start out this { Miss Pumpkin} Paper Piecing Pattern. We sat for many hours in the past week and my notebook is full of step 1, step 2, step 3.... how to change and how to add. It has been a great learning experience and surely I will continually learn to create more patterns and allow myself to explore more ideas. 

Remember the {Thursday's Colors}? These are the colors that I have been seeing this Fall season thus far. I decided to used them for {Miss Pumpkin}.  It has been interesting to pull out fabric and thinking how colors corresponded to each other.

I used foundation paper piecing method. It has been a more successful method for me, but it does cost more fabric usage. I tried to reuse any large scraps fabrics that been cut and save them in a bowl that next to the machine.

Working step by step is important! I press as I go! It is a little different compared making quilts, bags, and pouches! My iron has been on all the time and I am thinking maybe I could find a smaller iron by my table instead.

I keep all the paper pieces till I sewn all the joins together. I found this is working for me. Maybe you have different approach. {Miss Pumpkin} block finished size is 5"x6". It would be a great size for coasters or little wall hanging!  It also would be great for making small pouches.  If you are still new for Paper pieing, please make sure to check out great tutorials at Kerry's aka {veryberrykerry}. Paper piecing is time consuming, but it gives great look and it is worth every minute! Enjoy this little pattern!

If you make any please join {made with 1/4"} Flick group!

This pattern is for Personal use only, not commercial use!



  1. Fantastic, Chase!!!!! What program did you use? I've used Photoshop Elements to do the few I've done (very simple ones). Always great to learn new skills!

  2. it's beautiful Chase!!! I love how you arranged your fabrics :)

  3. Miss Pumpkin is the sweetest one in the patch! Good for you, to learn how to make these patterns. You inspire me, and I hope someday I'll be able to learn, too. In the meantime, I'll have fun stitching them!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a darling pattern

  5. Very pretty, Chase! Thank you for sharing it with us!
    ; )

  6. Thanks for the pattern, Chase. This is so cute

  7. Wow, this is very cute. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking of a fall inspired table runner, and this pattern would make great pumpkin blocks for it.

  8. I would love to be able to print this but I can’t download it. Can you send me the file?

  9. can you send me the file for your pumpkin block?


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