Sunday, October 7, 2012

Patchwork Style: { 241 Tote}

{side a}

 {side b}

Last night, I stayed up late {again} and traced the {241 tote Pattern} on the patchwork pieces that I have been slowly patching. Boy, I made more/ bigger than I needed! Originally, I planned to make make entire {241 tote} with patchwork pieces, but I changed my mind as I cut down the pattern and matching pieces together. The patchwork pieces didn't stand out as I hope. I wanted something bold and almost retro/ modern.

As I cut off the pattern pieces. I realized I wasted some of good patchwork pieces then I rejoined the small pieces and made them into small version of {dumplings}. I am up for 10 of dumplings now and more will be cut from the patchwork pieces later.  I think I've gone far this time! However, I do love all the pieces that I put together and would be so sad to set them in the trash bowl and disposed them later on.

What I have done differently from the {241 tote pattern}. I used {Quilt as you go method} quilted on 100% warm and natural batting for the exterior . For my interior I use 100% cotton and fused to mid-weight interfacing. I have two inner pockets front and back. I used these pockets for my phone and pens. I didn't add the magnetic snap on this tote. For the strap part, I used 1.5" wide cotton webbing. I measure the webbing on myself before sewn onto the tote body.

Lots scraps for the patchwork as always! I really enjoy it!  { 241 tote pattern} is super easy to follow and great descriptions on each step and best of all comes lots photos to show step by step. It is always fun to learn new tips from the designers. I love my { 241 tote}.

{photos taken by S}

 { a great shoot! }

{I didn't make the skirt!} Mom bought it for me last year when I was home visiting! The top sweatshirt is also from her. I

Thank you for so kind comments on { Miss Pumpkin}. They means so much to me and feels really encouraging!  I hope you have fun making one yourself! The strawberry Biscuit is S' special and you can check it out on this {weekending}.



  1. Nice tote. I noticed you didn't put the pockets on the ouside.

  2. what a beautiful bag!! This is a pattern I want to try next!

  3. Came out great, Chase! And the dumplings are going to be darling, too. Not that I'm surprised, of course! Your patchwork is always inspiring!

  4. Love the QAYG modification you used. I bought the pattern and haven't made it yet. Nicely done.


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