Monday, October 15, 2012

Random: Fabric

Do you think they are feedsack? It is called { Wall of Print} when I saw them yesterday in Canada!  The texture and the year {1950} almost made me think/ believed they are feedsack. I got half meter each, but the last print was a meter.  It was a great found!!

Thank you for all the best wishes! It was a great day!  S got me a cake, since we were away we didn't get the chance to make the cake. She made me extra special yesterday. The last time we celebrated it was when I was 30. It is fun to have a big celebration once in awhile. 

This week, S have three major oral/dental appointments. We will be spending time at the doctor's office for next few days! S is excited about her treatment is almost done, but it is always hard on her after the appointments { Soft food is always needed}. 

The citizenship's finger printing went really well! On Thursday,  I left 6a.m. and drove with stars and moon light down south. The volume of the radio was so loud in the car, so I wasn't so afraid driving by myself.  The sunlight came in around 7:30a.m. I wish I had my camera with me, so the horizon line would be captured.  It was peaceful and bright!  I  am waiting for next official letter to arrive. Meanwhile, I will be studying and sewing...

A busy week for us and will see you in this incoming{weekending}..



  1. I just finished making a patchwork bucket from your tutorial! I love it

  2. Ilove this blog! Best regards Siri:-)


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