Monday, October 29, 2012

ABC Patchwork Sampler

 {ABC Patchwork Sampler}


 {Binding fabric from Chicopee black plaid}

{ Free motion quilting pattern: loops}

The {ABC patchwork sampler} is completed! It is hung in the room corner. The light sources in the bedroom is limited, so it is not very clear. Each alphabet is pieced with 1.5"x1.5" squares and finished at 1"x1". {26 prints} are from the fabric stashes {very special prints for me}. I am really pleased with the finishing sampler.  

The fabric for binding can be challenging in quilting. It is as important as the other part of the fabric selection. Perhaps that's the reason I postponed on finishing it. I wasn't able to find the right binding fabric for it for a long time! I had the idea of making the {ABC patchwork sampler} in a frame look, so some bold and simple print is needed.  The black plaid was the one that corresponded most successfully.

For the quilting part, I debated if I should machine quilting or hand-quilting on this piece. Then machine quilting had extra vote on. I thought the looping pattern would bring some fun motion into the piece. The backing is very simple and show the quilting pattern nicely in the back. The sampler is hanging above S' bed and she is very happy... overly happy...... 



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