Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday: in and about

Today is Wednesday and I think it is time to take a day off and stay home away from school and people. I have missed my {Wednesday: in and about} very much! I haven't been able to sew since my last two posts. I have been under the weather for a week now. Some serious throat irritation occurred last week after teaching the class, then I was never able to talk again after last weekend's rest and lots honey water with lemon. I do fee better as today, but still try not to talk if I can. No worries!

Some longer strips fabric scraps were used up today for a small project. It is hard to find a compass that's big enough for me to make bigger circles, so I used my cooking pot lid as the drawing template and it is just the size that I was looking for.  It helped out to trace two circles today, but I still would like to find a compass.

The 30's print project is slowly putting together. I sew three blocks per a day, but I 'd love to get more done! Two weeks ago, I have ordered the Kona solid for S' 8th birthday quilt, but it hasn't arrived. The quilt might not even get started when her birthday comes! It's a bit disappointed!

I'd like to take a moment to {thank you} for all the kind and sweet comments on the patchwork zippered pouches. It is very nice of you stopped by and check out here..  I intended to show you the finished project that I did today, but the light went bad when I finished it. I might need to take some photos tomorrow when we get home.  



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