Thursday, January 5, 2012

Famer's Wife Quilt blocks

 #22 Corn & Beans

 # 23 Country Farm

 # 24 Country Path

 #25 Cups & Saucers 

 # 26 Cut Glass Dish

 # 27 Darting Birds 

 # 28 Duck & Ducklings

 # 29 Economy 

 #30 End of Day 

 #31 Evening Star

 #32 Farmer's Daughter

# 33 Farmer's Puzzle 

 #34 Flock

Finished up 13 new Farmer's Wife quilt blocks today! I have had mistaken cuts and piecing errors throughout the making stages. Sewing tiny triangles make me nervous and it hasn't been great for most of the blocks. I looked up paper piecing method and questioned if I should go with that that instead. I finished 7 blocks last night, but on my last block I started making more than 2 errors then I knew it was time to quit for the night! 

It has been a great project to work with and make fabric choices and be creative with each block. I pile up all my 34 blocks and put together with the book and finally it is just over the book a bit! I will be working on my next two next week, but I think I will make my fabric selection tonight!

A great to end here...



  1. I love your Farmer's Wife blocks! The fabrics are wonderful. I'm not doing this now, but I have the book & hope to do it in the future.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! If you started in the future, please send me your link.I'd love to see your blocks! These blocks have helped me many in my quilting. Happy Sewing~

  3. Love the fabric and colors you put together! So pretty and fresh. I have the book and hope to make these blocks myself, someday.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful Chase. I also would love to do some one day when other projects are finished...

  5. {Marit}, {Belinda} --Thank you! If you ever start your Farmer's wife simpler blocks please let me know! I'd love to see! It is a great project so far for myself! I am learning some detail works, but still lots improvements to make!


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