Monday, January 2, 2012


Last night, I sat through the night and started my next few farmer's wife blocks. It has been putting away for sometimes now. I didn't wanted to rush to have {a quilt} done, but rather enjoy every process of it!  Especially picking the fabric out! I spent a good 2 hours just to pull out the fabric last night and did the fabric match later on.

I have found that I love {fat quarter} so much now! It is great for projects like this! I purposely cut some yardage fabric into {fat quarters} then store them in the fabric box. I am able to do more playing rather than second myself if I should just save the yardage fabric. Some of the fabric just never get to play around, but being {hoard}. {saved}.

Another small change that I have in my mind for 2012 is maybe try to find fabric that's more {out of comfort zone} selections. I have only {one} purple in the entire stash! Purple never gets my attention, but I need some for the reason of options and better preparations. A small stash of the brown and gray even though I love neutral colors, but it seems like I pay more attentions to the colors/ prints  that {catch my eye} first!

It is a sunny day today, but I decided to vanish myself in the sewing room and getting these template cut! Soup is made early this morning and it smells yummy! 

I shall vanish myself NOW!


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