Monday, January 23, 2012

Alphebet Day: F is for

 F is for Favorite!

Are you surprised that I didn't save {F} for fabric? I though {favorite} would be more fun for the letter {F}. S and I have same favorite sweet that we love! That is chocolate! I think I pass my sweet tooth to her while she still inside of me. For some reason, I couldn't say no to chocolate, so does her! It is the most amazing sweet that's been created! Each day after school, we both could have one piece of chocolate. We eat it bit by bit and share what we like about the flavor. um... She has a cup of  milk to go with hers and I have a cup of bitter coffee.

My favorite time of this season is seeing these Snowflakes on the window! They are not just pretty, but they are also telling me stay inside!  I love how the irregular shapes are formed on the window.

Our favorite dinners have been soups! Soup is what warms us up during the night time meal and we found ourselves feeling satisfy. The slow cook has been great for me that I can make two pots a week and have the soup all week long.

The most delicious and favorite drink is honey mixed in the warm water and added a slice of lemon. It is such sweet and nice drink during the winter time!

My favorite shopping goods is fabric, of course! Who can resist not buying pretty fabric? I am having trouble to say no! I love how each fabric has different personality and we can bring them together and make quilts or totes from them.

The favorite thing to do is sewing! I love patchwork so much! It always allow me to concentrate on the project. I still watch movies when I am sewing! Of course that has caused some sewing mistakes and injury! One time I sew my shirt with fabric and didn't realized it until I was done a few sewing patches.  oh dear~ 

Do you have anything that's on your favorite list? My list isn't end, but I didn't want to give you a long list to start the week. This week seems like the weather is going to be better and nicer! We hope to get a day to walk around the area, but if it gets icy we might need to stay indoor for now!  



  1. You made me smile when I pictured you sewing your shirt to your fabric. I also sew other things to my quilts when I am not paying attention.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I have done that twice in the past when I wear heavier or longer sleeves shirt they are easy to get caught..


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