Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday: in and about

I am afraid that this would be my last {Wedensday: in and about} for awhile. As school resumes next week and a new schedule that I have made will effect right away. I have commit myself to {focus} finish works at school this coming semester. It is a bit disappoint, myself!  I am sure once school works slows down I will be able to find a Wednesday and just be home and sew or about something else.

I wrote down some of {focuses} this morning, but nothing extreme. I hope to stick with my focuses this year!  Continuing Farmer's wife sampler is one of the focus that I would like to maintain. It is a bit overwhelming making/cutting 11 blocks template in 2 days and hoping to get all the templates cut and sew in one night. I am under estimating the time consuming and labor effort. I keep thinking if I can select the fabric at the beginning of the week then work my way through. I could have two blocks a week. By the summer time,  I will have a quilt top finished. It might be just aside project from school without stress, but more enjoyment.

I also wanted to keep update {1/4"mark} often. Yes! It will slowly become 5 posts a week,  4 posts a week, or 3 posts a week.  I knew ahead of this time that our schedule will hectic! Normally we get home around 4, but I knew with my new jobs that I will need to be home later than 5 or so. Some weekends will involved working in school studio, new music lessons and music group for S. With the unpredictable winter weather in the northern land I might need to take extra time to prepare to leave the house and be on the road.

There are few quilts that I would like to start! The first one would be S' 8th birthday quilt! I have the fabric in hand and the pattern in mind! I need to dive in that project a.s.a.p. She is turning another year old in one month from today! Mom turned 60 this year ( she had her birthday in Taiwan). Turning 60 is a big birthday celebration! I have been missed her birthday for last 6 years and I really want to make her something that she can use and remember in her big birthday!

Quilting is slowly coming back in the modern days and so many of the quilters are pushing so hard to make the new meaning of {quilting}. I wanted to understand what quilting means to me, in person! I want to be more giving this year! Making quilts for others is one of my focus! It is personal value and it is nothing can sub for.

When I dive in a project I often grow it into a {labor look} work rather than taking the process and look back. I would like to take my time to finish and be more careful with all the work I am making here.

 Need to start use up the fabric that I have. It is growing and I don't see the end.

Another focus is use up the scraps fabric. I really need just make something in a day, with no plan in head. I think that might help me to free up my ideas and allow me to {play} more. I like small projects, such as notebook covers, check book covers, or some small totes. Now, I just remind myself I need a patch tote for my books. My backpack is already full with computer and binders.

Back in 2009, my first post these red work blocks were once in {a quilt top}, but I wasn't happy with the look, so I took the whole quilt top off. These blocks has been put away 3 years now. I would like to resemble them into a quilt top again. I hope to find a simple quilt block pattern for the sashings. I might try use some bright red/ prints fabric for this quilt. It might give it a new fresh look.

{2012} is the year that I want to learn to focus} on!  and yours?


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