Monday, January 30, 2012

Random: my new attempt

Weekends seem go by fast.! I wish I could have a few hours more, aren't you agree with me? I am getting ready to see some flower blooms and ready to put my favorite shorts on and go on a bike ride! I am planning this ever so big summer vacation to west coast where we might hike somewhere and camp somewhere.. and have s'more for the treat.. um.. all sounds great in the cold winter days!
Last night, I began my new attempt! The original finished size is 13"x13", but I need to have smaller block measurements, so I was trying to do the math! I thought about getting a fancy quilting calculator, but I am not sure if I know how to use it if I ever have one!

It went great, but I need additional 1/4" seam allowance. 

Attempt# 2
This went really bad! It was 1/2" short on both side of the house and I hit the wrong sewing button! 

 Attempt #3 
After few adjustments. Number 3 came out nice, but still short on the top!

 Attempt # 4
Finally I got it right! Everything looks right and even! Do you know and probably already know  a 1/8" matters!

This is a very simple sewing block pattern. I love the simplicity of it. In the past, I never attempting to make sample blocks before start some bigger project, but I always ended up making mistakes. Sometimes, it was the cutting and sometimes was sewing machine setting hit the incorrect button! This time, I though I should take a little time to make some samples before my cutting! I was right!  Mistakes are good learning experiences! Although I get frustrated with it sometimes!

For a very long time, I have been wanted to make a house block quilt! I never take the action because I try to stay away triangle sewing and such, but as the time and more sewing that I have done. The triangle sewing seems simple and actually fun!

It is fun that I always take a photo of my pyrex bowl. It is a great way to put the fabric cuts and threads. I love my pyrex bowls { smile}!

These little house sample blocks are pinned on the wall quilt. I haven't decided what to do with these blocks! I might reassemble these blocks with other blocks from the past! It might be a good idea to start a kitchen sink quilt. 


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