Sunday, January 1, 2012

Random: First, but not least

Happy New Year! Last night, I purposely set off the alarm and decided to sleep in for the first day of 2012. It is the reward that I have earned from 2011! It was a good sleep in. S and I spent our morning cuddled in and started in a slow, but relax mode. More snow flew in this morning! With my bitter coffee in hand, I set myself in the pleasant mode then began our day! 

In a week, school will start for me and in a day will start for S. I prepared my new syllabi this morning. It got very detail and very long this time! I preferred  present a clear statement and clear general notices at the beginning of the semester, so everyone understands and can follow! S began her second series books reading-Harry Potter a month ago. Her first series books are {The boxcar children}. They are both wonderful and adventure books for her! She was waiting for me to finish my work, so we could start our dumpling making.

If you haven't had any dumplings, I would say it is similar to the Italian ravioli, but inside isn't cheese! It has ground pork, fine chopped green onions, fine chopped cabbages, find chopped shrimp, sesame oil, soy sauces, and white pepper. To be very honest, I never know how to make them until I moved to U.S. { I am often homesick my hometown food, so I have to make it happen when I need to have some}.  All the ingredients is based on {experiments} and {experiences}. I could not tell you how much of each I have added. Sometimes, I added one more than the other, but boy!!!  they tasted good this time! S asked me to boiled a few for her today! She devoured them! Our banana muffins were big success! I didn't add the coconut ingredient, since I don't really like the taste of it. 

The first day is the same as other day, but with a little more motivation changes that were set in 2011!


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