Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random: {ready. set. go.}

Does this picture looks attempting to you? I got the taste of home {ultimate Cheese cakes} from the local grocery store around Christmas! All the pages are so attempting and I want to make each one of them if I can. Tonight we will be attended a friend's party, so I made 2 dozens of this mini cheese cakes!

This is my version of it! I would love to have some mint leaves and maybe some wiped cream, so the raspberries can top on the cream. It is a delight cheese cake and creamy as well.

Continuing my holiday baking part ii. One of my closed friends were gone for the holiday vacation, so I postpone to send her gifts. I am making almond cookies and lemon cookies this time. I think both of them will be great treats for her during her coffee time. She is alike a mother to me, so I often call her my American MOM! She sends pound cake on my birthdays and I can never make the same pound cake that she makes. I am sure she probably has a {secrete ingredient} that  she didn't tell me, maybe these cookies would allow me to get that {secrete ingredient}. We shall see about that!

#35 & #36 Farmer's wife quilt blocks fabric are picked. These are some my new favorite fabric and colors. I would love to get them finish by next weekend and move on to next two.

S has open a store today. I bought a couple of things from her store and this is my check. Currently, she is busy with her customers. I am sure I will make my next stop soon.

{Swoon} pattern by Camille Roskelley. This is the pattern that will be use for mom's quilt. I  need to read through the lists and purchase the fabric and hope mom will like the pattern and the quilt when it's made. This is a such lovely pattern that I love! Have you visit the flickr group?  I often visit the group and just amazed by the quilters who made their fabric choices.  The plan is use the same pattern to make one for my sister as well. Originally plan was her Denyse Schmidt's single girl quilt. However, the idea of making the same quilt, but different fabric is more attractive to my mind.

I am slowing down the smaller projects around here. It is amazing how the small projects accumulates. By the time, when I pick them up,  the ideas and motivations are decreased! It would be nice  I could have a few days in the sewing room and just sew. That would be nice, isn't it?!

My school tote is working in process! It will considerably be a large tote. The school binder is 3" wide and total of 6 books to carry and other sewing materials that will be needed in school. I hope to make two totes by tomorrow. I like to send one to my aunt who also is a sewer. She never has a professional training on sewing, but she makes her own clothes from her own patterns. She is also one of my sewing teacher. I learn much sewing clothes from her!

Although it is sunny out today, but the making school tote is more interest to me. Maybe a short walk will be taken.



  1. Did you know that there is a Swoon quilt a long on Flick?
    Just started, I am doing it but I will be doing it very slowly!

  2. Thanks, Kerry! I have just join the group! It's great to know a quilt a long group is around!

  3. There’s a Swoon-along going on on Flickr! I joined, not sure why cause I have too much projects on the go!

  4. {Nicolette} I have signed up the group a few weeks back! I need to find the fabric for this project. Would love to dive in to the process!


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