Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{sew}, I changed my mind!

I hope you are staying inside and drinking lots hot coco, tea, or coffee. It is {-8} here , but the wind chill brings it down to {-33}. We barely made our day here! It is hard to drive and a student's car almost hit my car this afternoon. The silky snow really made this weather worse! It is the kind of the day to stay inside and do something cozy and fun!

Over our holiday break, last weekend. I discovered a box of fabric that I cut into 2.5" squares a long time ago. This is a project that I started in summer 2009.  I met a few ladies in the local quilt shop and got really interested in making hexes. It started with passionate and the process of making things by {hands}. I also did a smaller project here.  I was making these little hexes all day long and had great time with it.

Something happened at that time, which I cannot recall now. I think the lady that work with me on this project had surgery on her left eye then I never see her in the shop! Slowly it wasn't any fun of making this project just by myself. Slowly it got put away and ignored.

These prints are mainly 30's reproduction fabric. I love the small prints, but now I tended to buy larger prints of fabric or more vibrate color schemes. These fabrics reminded me much of my grandma! When I was a child, she often rode the bus to visited us from the county. She always wore small floral print fabric clothes.I love how these prints reminded me of her! She has been gone for nearly 8 years now, but I still think of her whenever I feel life is bitter or miss home! She lived in a very challenge era and had more than 8 children and not to talk about the ones that were miscarried. But she lived and survived, I think of her and I often {smile}!

When I pulled the box out I kept thinking what happened last 3 years. I knew I won't be making the quilt in the same idea that I had 3 years ago, but I knew I'd love to give these fabric a new look and new life. This is the block that will be transform into. The layout has not been decided, but I would love to have all the small squares pieced and lay them on the floor and decide when they are done in the blocks.

What to do with these hexes?? Any good suggestions?  It will be great if I can make something from these.
 They are 3/4" hexes, pretty small!

I might extended the small joins into larger ones then I might be able make it into a mini quilt?

 Here are the solid Kona fabric that I have. Still haven't decided what to make.

We drank lots hot coco when we got home! The heat has been turning up and the room still is cold! Hope the good weather will come soon!! We'll stay inside and keep drinking hot coco or pots of tea { for me}. Soup sounds delicious for tomorrow night's dinner!



  1. I love 30s repro prints! Yours are so sweet! I would probably make a couple of pillows out of your hexes. Maybe floating on a linen background.

  2. Lovely hexies! They are sweet and soft and romantic. I love how you have added several rows of solids to some....
    Hope inspiration will strike!
    ; )


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