Monday, January 16, 2012

Random: Resting

 #35 Flower Basket

 #36 Flower Garden Path

I took a few days away from blogging and just resting at home and slowly pick up some projects here and there. I finished my newest Farmer's Wife quilt block. I think it made me 1/3 way through the whole project which has 111 blocks. I have had most difficult time to match the # 36 and didn't like how it turn out! I will make another one and use paper piecing method for it. It might have a better result. The flower basket is so sweet! I love the SK fabric for the center piece!

 S and I spent most of our days here read and sew. She reads and I sew!  Our forever favorite drink is sprinkle water and added some berries, have you try it? um... it is {YUM}; very fruity taste! I also found some old patchwork pieces that I sewn in the past and left in the piles. I took them out and give them a new look. { as you can see from the sewing room photo, it is pretty messy around here, but it all gone back to clean again}

We have had some mild wind and temperature here for last two days. S went out and make this snow sculpture. The snow sculpture is {LUCKY BOY} He is S' puppy in Taiwan! Very cute and smart as well! He is a bigger boy now! We do skype with him once in a while. All he does is look around and try to find who is calling his name. Once S played piano for him via Skype.

Continue using up fabric scraps, batting scraps, and finally they are made into something now! I am not sure what I am making this yet! It is pieced into a piece of  patchwork look, but maybe a zipper bag! I need to run to the store get two zippers for it!

So, how do you like my French Press Cozy? Ok! I think it is a bit too small in size! I found some old hand-pieced hexes this weekend and though a French Press Cozy is what I needed! So here I have a mini cozy! Nothing better than keeping warm coffee.

This is second week of school Although a day off from the holiday, but I am getting busier! The class I teach taking some time to prepare and also gather my ideas and try to enhance students learning experiences. I might be in and out this space for this week.


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