Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Mila: Patchwork bibs

This morning, I woke up in the smell of delicious lamb soup that I put in slow cook last night! S and I both are excited about fresh food for tonight! Um, it has been the kind of the week much leftovers were served at the dinner table, but this time we both didn't complain about it. We knew it has been a long week and rough in weather! 

Finally, I got these bibs done! The patchwork parts were done in long time ago, maybe 2 years or more. Sometimes, I would just take small pieces of fabric and do the random piecing without a project in mind. Over the break, I found a large pieced fabric and a small pieced one, so I decided to make them into bibs for Mila. It is a super late Christmas gifts. Sometimes, I prioritized some projects over than the other ones, but it is really a simple sewing that I could have done right away.  According to Mila's mom that she is starting soft food now, so I think these bibs are just in time for her stage!  We'll be seeing her today, so hope it fits her nicely!

Another bitter cold day here! I put on my snow pants and snow boots for the first time in this winter season. Last night, I had a thought. I'd like to move somewhere is warmer, somewhere that we can still enjoy some outdoor activities during the winter season. I am thinking somewhere in the south.... {but} it was just a thinking.. I won't tell you how much I dislike the heat!


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