Friday, January 6, 2012

Random: where to begin?

The first Friday of 2012 has arrived! It is a bit sweet day for me. I am off to school lunch with S later today. I am sure it is nothing surprise or special for the American culture/Western , but for me, it is! I grew up with bring my own bento box {lunch box} to school. Each classroom would have a big steam tray where we put our lunch box. The first thing we arrived our classroom is put the lunch box in or we will have cold lunch instead. The classroom helpers would then bring the tray to the school steamer get steam while students in the class. Each day, the class assigned two helpers for the day. Their responsibilities were wipe the chalk board, carried the steamer tray to the lunch room, etc.  The first time, I went to lunch with S was when she was in kindergarten.  I didn't know what to prepare for the lunch day, so I had to emailed the teacher at the beginning of the week then the same week of the Friday I went. It was crazy and kids have so much to talk about- I mean anything!  Later on, I try to visit her in lunch room once a month. I get to know all her buddies closely and the lunch moment at school is a special mental treat to myself! {With all the fun kids!}

Lately the half of me is a bit pulling away! I have learned about two of best friends got very ill since Christmas. I have been praying for them in my heart and head everyday. Keep them in my thoughts everyday! I am not the best person in handling sad news or shocking news. They both gone to a major surgery and removed the cancer cells recently. At that moment, I wish I can fly or just drive over to visit them, but the land of America is grater than I could handle. I begin to write letters to them and tell them {be well} and {be positive}. We can only wait till the summer arrives then we can take off and begin to travel and make each stops and visits. Time will not fly away itself, but I can work towards to that!

A while ago, I received a negative email, but I never respond to the sender.  But I decided to respond here because I knew the person who have recently stopped by my blog and read. {If you are reading, maybe consider go back  to words that you typed and read it aloud to yourself. All the judgements and the words you said weren't  any true! All the harsh words that you typed were all the fears that you have in yourself.  I am everyone' friend, but not ones who harsh their friends in the negative words and hope you can learn to be happy and cheer up! Life is so much better if you can look out!  Life is so much sweeter if you can open your heart}.

Last night, I map out our summer plan! It will be a great summer that we are looking into. We are taking a great road trip to west coast! { Do I have any west coast readers here?} We'll be making a 2 weeks long trip. The goal is camp out and grill out all the way till we get to the destination. I hope to do more research on how to budget the road trip. Also my greedy mind is hoping to have a few days in Yellow Stone National Park. We have done varies road trips in last couple of years. S has done well, but she gets  car sick and air sick easy. We often needed to stop for her to get fresh air and breaks. If we were in the air, chances are I need { lots} baggies for her! Last year, she has done well. No air sick on our trip to Asia,  she was so proud to announce that her body is {strong}.

Our winter season so far seems very {comfortable}. We had 46 degrees in northern land yesterday. Snow either melted away or evaporated into the air. It is not usual in the winter time, however, we took the advantage of the sunny day and off a short walk. The day light seems getting slightly longer now. In my morning drive to school I often enjoy the morning clouds and the light reflection. It was a habit that I started when I was living in Iowa. I'd love to photography sky's in different states if I can. Maybe I need to look into my image folders and find all the sky photos that I have taken from years ago..  { good idea?}

Thank you for visiting! This little blog is my little personal outlet to share what I do and what I think. Maybe my writing isn't great, but I am trying! I always re-read the posts few times before I click {publish} then later on I found mistakes then I went back change again. It is a good way of learning my mistakes. This weekend, I plan to use this sewing method to make my tote and a few bibs for baby Mila. If the weather is too attempting, I might skip a few project and off some walks with S.



  1. Happy Friday, Chase!
    How interesting to hear about the steam tray which would warm your lunch at school. Lovely to be able to have a warm home cooked meal while you were at school. I remember my mom sending me to school with hot soup in a thermos, but by lunchtime it was barely warm.

    Our winter has been warmer too. Not much snow on the ground as we've been having above freezing temperatures. It's come as quite a surprise as the past three winters we've lived here, it's been snowy and cold!

    I think your English is constantly improving, Chase. You have accomplished so much! You are not alone in having to re-check your writing... I do the same and don't always catch my own mistakes - even though English is my first language! LOL Mistakes are part of the learning journey and we all make them, so do not judge yourself harshly. I enjoy getting to see the world through your eyes, here on your blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Greetings from Southern California

    I am Your Newest Follower

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  3. Katherine- Thank you!! It is so fun that I can interact in two different cultures. The lunch went well! We had full meal today! Thank you for all the support that you have share with me here. I am glad that we have encounter each other in the blogging land! Hope someday we'd meet up for coffee somewhere soon!

  4. Ron@ TOBlog- Hello! Thank you for following! I have been to California many times, but not yet Southern California! Sending the big Mid-west hello back!


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