Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a personal {464 Handmade}

I wondered if you have a blog friends or a group of blog friends that you became closed friends and enjoy the same interest you have in sewing, quilting, life, and more. I have a few blog friends that I became closed with and RosaMaria is one of them.  She has been a very supportive friend of my! We've been friends since 2009. We began talked about a private swap back in summer 2011 while I was in Taiwan. After exchanged emails for awhile we have decided what to do. The idea is a mini quilt and some little handmade.

 I had to ran to the post office and picked up the package this week. RosaMaria overly spoiled me {see above image}. She sent so much goodies and surprises as I unveiled each lovely package.

 {front of mini  quilt}

 {back of mini quilt}

How I loved the colors! All the solid colors are well match to each other. I {want} this mini quilt to be on my sewing room wall, but I will save it when we have a real home ourselves. It has so much of the her personality in it! { Love}  

The sweet treats that she sent along. Check out the Mexican chocolate! S and I are making the drink this weekend! We will have it with our friends who will visit us this weekend.

The fabric she sent is so pretty and soft! I knew what I am going to make from these! My stashes at home are so happy that they have new family members!

Guess what are these? These are paper! I kept thinking if these are made into fabric would be so fabulous! These are {great. great. great. great} for my mini book project! S will be sharing these paper with me. She has a mini project in mind as well.

The photos on these cards are taken by RosaMaria. Have you check out her flickr? She takes great photos. I have just joined her recent group called { i'm looking down}. There are lots interesting photos have been shared in the group already, so make sure check it out.

 Her {464 Handmade} etsy shop is where she sells her wonderful handmade goods. She is very talented and I love so much of what she makes.  All the goods she made is from the love of making and I love her sweet mini quilts.

 My little personal note card she made and the twine she sent along! They are so sweet and touched!

 My very personal {tote}! This would be so great with my spring day out!! Lots space for my stuff!

 Her personal tags! Aren't they just lovely 

I am so happy and lucky to come cross RosaMaria in the blogging land! She is such a sweet lady and shares what she loves with people! I kept telling her that we need to meet in real life someday and all we will do is drink coffee, sew, and talk about fabric!! I just knew that we will meet someday somewhere! Although the technology has taken many direct personal interaction, but it also shorten the distance that we live and allow us to meet people from other side of the world?

{Thank.You} RosaMaria~ your extended friendship is so kind and sweet!



  1. What an exciting and lovely parcel from a dear blogging friend! I love how blogging makes the world a closer and friendlier place to live. Enjoy your treats and treasures from RosaMaria, Chase and I hope you do get to meet in person, one day.

  2. I'm so happy that you like them!
    and I'm feel so lucky to meet you!


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