Friday, January 20, 2012

Patchwork Zipper Cases

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It is always a good feeling transform the small scraps fabric into something useful. My big bowl of scraps is finally low and light. I sort the sizes over the break then picked out the ones that are small, irregular sizes or semi bigger than small sizes. Sometimes, it is great just use the small and medium sizes together.For the larger pieces, I use them for something else. Sometimes, I patch the larger scraps and make them into a quilt.


The original plan was making two small mats for the kitchen table, but they were too small. I am glad I made two zipper cases instead. I really like the sewing method. For the irregular sizes which I didn't need to trim them into squares and it created some fun { patch.y look}. I also used scraps batting for this project.

Did you see the Heather Ross' F.F.A piece? That's the only one piece that left in my whole stashes. I think it was a good placement for it! Lately I have been making many of my sewing from the scraps or pieces that I pieced in the past. The idea is used up every bit of it! Sometimes, it is crazy for us {quilters} to spend { dollars after dollars} to buy a piece of fabric. I know you are with me on this! We just can't {resist} to let these pretty fabric go!

There are the tiny, bitty, mini ones.. I save them for another ticker tape quilt. from Amanda Jean at Crazy mom quilts.  I love how simple and easy this method went and it really saved every pieces of the scraps! I made my first ticker tape quilt  for a friend and S has been asking one for kiki, so I will be busy this weekend and make some magic here.


  1. I love love love your zippered pouches!

  2. Your zippered bags are really cute! I love that you left the scraps irregular sizes! :)

  3. Nice zippered pouches, great way to use those scraps :)

  4. Thank you everyone! I am thrilled that you all like these pouches! The tutorial link is on the post. If you happened to make one, I'd love to see them as well! Have a great day~ Happy Sewing

  5. They are gorgeous Chase, I definitely need to do more to use up my scraps

    1. Thank you so much!! When you make one I'd love to see it! It is a great way to use up scraps! All the money we spend is well used!


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