Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekending: December

 { Flannel}

 {continue to grow}

 { S, elfing}

 { Too cute?}

 { old embroidery project}

 { near 5 Christmas ago}

 { play with HR new book}

 { Tea time..}

{ ready to sew}

{Thank you. Thank you} for the kind, sweet, and encourage comments you left on { everything, but kitchen sink quilt}. Hope you will be able to make a { kitchen sink quilt} someday. I will get back to your comment  later today.

It has been a super busy weekend for us. S had two music programs yesterday and on top of that we have set a {date} way back beginning of  November to hang out. We dined out for the first time this semester and spent rest of day in the living for the first time as well. It was great to snuggled together with the {quilt} and watch Christmas movies. We ate too much sweets and didn't think about dinner till late at night.

Beginning of the week, I swing by our local Joann's and asked the lady if I can have some fabric cardboard. She sent 6 of them home with me { and I plan to ask for more}. It is great for the flannels that I got last year's Black Friday. They are great for making P.J. and baby burp cloth. The sewing room look so much organized now.

While I was knitting, S was busy elfing Lucky's Christmas gifts. She made her own stuffed animal pattern and traced them on the leftover fabric. The only part that she needed help was to close the openings. I used ladder stitches to close the closure. The fish is for Shoney, the cat that S sits while our friend is away from town.  S has many animal friends and sure she will be making more of these later. 

I haven't done any sewing this past week at all. My sewing mojo has gone somewhere. This week was cleaning the apartment storage room and threw out many boxes.  The room looks much light weigh and I found one of the box with some unfinished embroidery projects.  When I first start sewing/quilting I wasn't able to offer buying fabric. A friend suggested that I could learn to embroider, so from there I made many embroidery dish towels and sell them on etsy and local stores. Give them away as wedding gifts and Christmas gifts. I really enjoy embroidery, but haven't take my time to do any. The plan is use these unfinished blocks into new sewing projects and give them new life. 

Have you seen {Heather Ross' new book}? I pull out the CD and play with it today. It is a great CD and with lots great prints.  I think you can print it on fabric and use it for personal use. It is a good book for people who are interesting in design fabric and looking into more information on how. This book also included many great projects. I did a few printing on Stonehenge papers. It is an excellent paper for printmaking and drawing.

Guess who hop on top of kitchen sink?  It is tea time and S is looking for the tea. She has gotten taller from the photo and still in her p.j. She loves being cozy at home and not need to get in layers of clothes. 

A few projects are still ongoing and I try not to start any new/ big projects, but Christmas stockings need to be made and package up soon. Glad December is here and we are looking forward the new year to come!   The weather has been cold and no sunshine for the entire week. We try to leave our space for a short walk, so we could get some fresh air. Thank you for the hugs and warmth you sent.... We received them... we are sending our hugs back to you..

Hope your are having a great weekending, it has been another great weekending at {1/4" mark home}.



  1. I love your quilt so much and I hope you don't mind but I have put it on my blog as an AMAZING quilt and of course brought people back to your blog. Could I ask you please to put on the subscribe by emai thingy? For some reason trying to join your blog isn't working for me.

  2. Love your enthusiasm! And I went back and checked out your kitchen sink quilt and I absolutely love it!!! I also would like to subscribe via email to your blog!

  3. Chase, your Kitchen Sink quilt is amazing-love it. And S's elfie makes are really cute too, love the old embroidery blocks, they would look amazing with 30's fabrics. ND is cold & windy this time of year, all we've had in western Montana so far is very little snow & a lot of rain. Ready for some snow for Christmas.

  4. Beautiful fabrics and super cute elfs! They would make easily also sweet doggies! x Teje

  5. It souns like you had a lovely weekend Chase. S's stuffed animals are super cute. Looking forward to seeing waht you make with your embroidery blocks.


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