Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random: Sometimes, I do that

 { very first purl scarf}

 { very expensive yarns; i never know yarns can be so costly until I visited the yarn shop last month}

 { once started this knitting project, I wish to have a new scarf by tomorrow, but no way!} 

{ the colors are very rich and did you see.. they are in purples? } 

p.s. i am knitting........ 
p.s.s. { patchwork bucket} is great for storing yarns.



  1. My sweet daughter-in-law taught me to knit in October. I haven't finished anything yet because it's holiday time with a million things to do, but isn't it addicting and FUN and exciting? And the yarns, yummy! Great work, and enjoy. Can't wait to see you finish your scarf. You will beat me to it, I'm sure!

  2. I love knitting in winter. I noticed your bucket right away ; )

  3. Beautiful yarns. I agree with you, I started a scarf about a month ago and I'm not nearly close to being finished, but since the first day I started it I wanted to wear it. Yours is looking beautiful


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