Monday, December 31, 2012

Random: are you ready?

 { done and ready for photograph}

 {S' little friends were here for tea party}

 { the title of this from the book is outrageous oatmeal cookies}

 {keep healthy and unhealthy}

 { 6 were gone when they were cooling off}


{S, the messenger}

It is 2013 in Taiwan! The 14 hour difference puts us on hold to forward the calendar. My sister and I had a great conversation in her last 2012 international phone call and mine as well.  I named a long list of food that I was craving for and asked if she can send them over. She told me, it is coming.. 

S and I plan to celebrate simple because we are saving the celebration fun till we visit our family next summer.  We made some oatmeal cookies for later tonight and tomorrow to keep us sweet and happy. S invited her little friends over to have some tea with her. They took over half of the sewing table and left me a small corner to work.  Those girls are really chatty...

A little organization is needed in the sewing room. The sewing corner is not in singular form, but plural. Piles of fabric everywhere..  

We are thankful that we could spend the last day of 2012 with loved ones, loved things, and yummy cookies. 

I am ready for 2013 to arrive! As many of you know, I will completed my MFA study, have thesis exhibition sometime in March, moving to our next destination, visiting families, keep celebrate weekending with lovely S at {1/4" mark house}. It seems so overwhelmed to write all the events that will take in 2013. As my dear friend Jean always tells me, take one step a day~  

Happy New Year~
Keep sew much creative bugs in you..



  1. Happy New year to you and Stella,too. I always love "visiting" and seeing what you both are up to.

  2. Happy new year, and thank you for all inspiration, I read your blog often, and are looking forward to follow you in 2013:))

  3. ah, eating cookies straight from the oven is my favorite.


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