Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Patchwork zippered Pouch and sew on

I am late!  S reminded me last night if I had finished the little pouch for her teacher. I totally put that aside of my mind for the weekend and week. I promised her last night I would finish it last night and have everything ready this morning. She was happy and thank me for it this morning..

The zippered pouch is made with 16 different prints that cut in 2"x 3.5". I used the tab on the zipper and really think this time it turns out better.  For the quilting part, I used the straight line to keep the clean look. The pouch finished at 8.5"x5.5", but didn't add the base width to it.  It would be great for some note pads and pens. I plan on go to the store and maybe find a small pad and pen to add to the gift.  S knitted the scarf for the puppy that she is going to give to her teacher. S added eyes and nose to the stuffed animal which turn out really cute! 

While I was finishing up the movie last night.  I made another two mini pin cushions to go with the gifts that I made for my friends. They are actually from the scraps of the zippered pouch that I made last night.  Simple hand-quilting added a personal touch to the pinny. 

I found these cut card board stock in the Michale's craft store yesterday. They are super great for simple gift wrapping. 

It has been a great week to catch up works in school studio and delivered cookies to friends in town and had great visits with them! Everything is wrapped, only the S' garments are not in the box....oh dear..

May your day full of time to sew, to bake, to laugh..



  1. I adore your little pincushions. Everything looks fabulous.
    Have a great day!

  2. Adorable, I love that pretty pouch and the pincushions are so, so cute. Now I want to make some tiny pincushions, too. Have a lovely day.

  3. Chase, these are so lovely! I just love all the patchwork -- beautifully put together!

  4. The patchwork pouch is very sweet!

  5. Your patchwork makes me smile! Your miniatures are so exquisite. Well, Christmas is coming and things are getting busier--I am finishing two quilts this week, one for each of my nieces--so I'll take the opportunity right now to wish you and your daughter a Merry Christmas! I look forward to visiting your blog in the New Year. Take care. --Becky C.

  6. Sweet little patchwork going on at your house.
    Thanks for sharing. I am sure they are going to be loved!


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