Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekending 2012

 { perfect for taveling}

 { simple drawstring bag}

 { french seam style}

 { scraps}

 { cozy}

 { the corner}

 { a basket full of QUILTS}

{ for S}

{ice lantern}

{ first pattern scarf}

{ many mistakes}

{ ice lantern at night}

It doesn't seem possible that we are celebrating the last weekending in 2012?  Like every weekending, we have a full schedule and activities. For the first time, we went window shopping after Christmas holiday. Nothing was bough home on my side, but S did manage to get some soft fabric. She is planning to make a quilt and have her pattern in mind. It is fun seeing her getting fabric and not me.  We didn't get to have coffee and hot coco outside.  We got about an inch snow over night and was clear and warm in the morning. Yes, disappointment! 

The scraps from S' new pajamas were made into two drawstring bags. These are great for traveling. I love giving these away for friends' birthdays or for our own traveling. We sort our belongs into these drawstring bags; socks, underwear, small things, traveling journal books, pens.. you name it.   I'd love to write up a tutorial for you on this. It takes no more than 20 minutes to make one.

The corner of the Christmas tree is replaced by the rocking chair and S' baby quilt.  It is early to tuck away all the holiday decoration this year.  It is hard to do so, since we don't know where we will be celebrating our next holiday season.  We think positively and wish to be closed to our families and friends.

When our friend visited us this week. She brought us a ice lantern. I am not sure how she made it, but it is so pretty at night! We get to keep this lantern till spring comes! It will be use as many times as possible.

S picked out her second set of pajamas fabric. I started it and finished it. She is very happy! Finally, she has right size pajamas to put on and they are her favorite prints; pups.  Of course, more scraps playing....

Do you remember the scarf that I knitted? Well, it is done for a few weeks now! I can only knit few rows a night or I made mistakes. To be honest that undo knitting isn't fun for me. It is actually harder than sewing. I can only read knitting patterns that has K and P.   My goal for the end of winter season is knit a cowl for S then maybe one for myself.  I admired knitters so much and appreciated friends who sent us scarves and hats to warm up in N.D.

My accomplishments of 2012 is I made a basket full of quilts and understand/ create our simple lifestyle. It is a long journey to come, but it has been great journey. I am very thankful that I have met many new friends at {1/4" mark} and {thank you. thank you. thank you.} for coming by. Thank you for keep me accompany and share my passion with you.
It has been another great weekending at {1/4" mark house}. Are you having a great weekending? 



  1. Such lovely photos as always, Chase. Your blog is always such an inspiration to me!

  2. Your drawstring bags are lovely and an tutorial would be fun!
    I'm not great at knitting at all but would like to learn how to knit or crochet slippers and scarves.
    I'm going to start making little bags with all my scraps and love to get so many ideas from your blog!

  3. I love your blog. That cozy stack of quilts is wonderful! I hope you do a bag tutorial, I've always wanted to try the French seam.

  4. Thank you for sharing all the things you make!! They are a great inspiration to me, both the fabrics you choose and how you combine them, and what you make. Thank you!!!

  5. I have enjoyed discovering your blog this year. Look forward to your posts in 2013. Love the basket of quilts!

  6. Your blog is my favourite blog . I love that it has no advertising or competitions or giveaways . I love that it is simply about you and S and your love of sewing . I love reading about all the things you make and looking at your photos . If I ever write a blog I'd want it to be just like yours . But .....I wouldn't be able to ........because yours is so unique !
    I wonder how your friend made that beautiful ice lantern ?

  7. Thank you, for keeping me company on my journeys. It puts me in such a good humor to read about your cosy life, when i am away from my family. Have a great 2013, and keep up the wonderful work!

  8. Hello! I found your blog, when I was looking for some interesting tote bag. I found - here (your patchwork tote) :) Thanks a lot for your lovely blog full of great inspirations and nice pics! Have a lovely time and great and happy New Year :) Jolana

  9. Everything is lovely, but that ice lantern has me intrigued. Sounds like you had a good weekend.
    Happy New Year

  10. Thank you so much for showing us all of the beautiful things that you make! Have a happy, happy New Year!

  11. The scarf looks snugly and soft and if there are any mistakes then they make it all the more unique and special.........they could be design elements for all anyone else knows afterall !!
    I really enjoy your blog and seeing what you do.
    I wish you health, wealth and happiness for 2013 : 0


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