Friday, December 28, 2012

Random: Sewing and making

 {black and white}

 {patchwork, patchwork, patchwork}

 {sewing too far}

 {dear friend of mine made me a pincushion and really made me feel special }

 { Can you believe they are scraps?}

 { new toy number one}

 {perfect tool for hand-quilting}

 {new toy number two}

 { don't think I am a neat sewer.. I get messy}

 { hand-quilting in action}

 { S, the builder}

{ BEST! scraps!}


I had some ideas for the scraps that were cut last week. The design was simple, but I think I've gone a little too far than planned. By the mid-day, so many triangle scrape pieces were showing up and many 1/4" off cut pieces that mistake cuts.  It was time to walk away from the sewing room for a little while before made more mistakes.

When return back to the sewing room, I cut down the triangles and made them half of the size.  They were perfect size for the 1/4" off cut pieces. Then pieced them together and made them into small blocks. Of course, I had to play a little scraps, before call it a day.

The new sewing tool is Clover Hera Marker . It has been a great new tool for me. When I work with hand quilting,  I can simply use the Hera marker drew lines on the fabric pieces and it creates marking line. I used to tape masking tape when I do hand-quilting. It wasn't ideal at all! The b-gone pens are great, but I have noticed sometimes it still leaves blue marks on the pieces.

The second sewing tool is Clover Wonder Clips.  I have not test these on quilt binding, but the clips are sturdy. I found them in the reasonable price at amazon if you are looking for some. 

S and I both are ready for new semester.  Winter is long and cold in N.D. and it is hard to be out and about all day long. We try to take walks in the morning and early afternoon to get some fresh air.  We are wishing snow tomorrow morning, so we could  have her hot coco and my morning booster outside. Um.. take a guess if we make it or not? 



  1. love your new tools and always love the patchwork you do!

    Hope winter will be kind this season with you!

  2. Love those tools and your scrap projects are always beautiful. Now the cold, cold weather, I think I would freeze.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring images, you look very busy as always!;)


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