Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random: Handmade & Holidays

 { a place we sit, knit, snuggle, watch movies, watch snow falling..and more}

 { time to play and read}

 { a new simple tote}

 {IKEA fabric is really sweet}

 { totes for books, winter gears, groceries and more}

 { S' kin-cha-ku}

 {S' magic wand}

{S' garment}

This morning we saw rainbow in the sky, but it wasn't raining. It was lightly snowing from the sky. We never seen rainbow in snowing days. It was really pretty and made me think of magic.  The weather is warmer today than last few days and the sun was bright and shine.  S and I have been lazy resting in the couch a lot this week. We shared cheese and crackers; we knit together; watch movies; play games. It is really the best time that I could recall all year around. 

While I was sewing a new tote, S set up her reading tent. Due to our limited space here, she can only set up her tent during the long holiday break. If we have a warmer floor I am sure she'd love to camp in the living room.   She layers lots quilts inside the tent, so she can have a little cushion under the hard and cold floor.

The new tote is super simple to make. It is 17"x21" and the base is 4" wide.  We have a stack of totes at home.  They are super handy for any purpose. The new tote fabric was light woven and just seem the right fabric for another all purpose tote. 

S' kin-cha-ku... She is loving her kin-cha-ku aka drawstring bag. The only part that's different from last few kin-cha-ku is I made a handle for her to carry {will have a full post on S' kin-cha-ku later, so you can see the back of her bag}.

S received a  handmade wooden magic wand from our dear friend. Eight surly is an age of adventures and seeking magical stories. It is fun to hear her retell stories that she reads and introduces these characters to me.  I am preparing that she might ask for a wizard's cape anytime soon...

Garment for S was finished the day before the 25th. While I was cutting the pattern pieces, I thought it is going to be easy, but I was confused on the neckline hemming part and tear down a couple of times. It is the best  pajamas that I have made for her. She has been wearing it all day and loving the cozy flannel. Of course, she needs another set or two. She has outgrown the ones that I made for her three years ago or longer.

This year, I truly enjoy the handmade holiday. I found myself enjoy making gifts for friends and S more than anything. It makes me feel good that I could make something for friends and families. I didn't get myself anything for the holiday. It seems like that I don't need anything, BUT fabric.   However, I allow myself to enjoy all the good food, cookies, and chocolate that send by our friends. It might be a problem when I return to normal schedule. I would miss all the great time that I just talked above.  Holiday Season continues at {1/4" mark house}... 



  1. how wonderful, it seems like you are having such a lovely time. Enjoy! Your place looks very nice and cozy and all the presents for S are simply fantastic.

  2. Everything looks so wonderful! thanks for reminding me about Ikea fabric! And what's especially nice are the memories you are making with your darling daughter - priceless!

  3. All these special makes and special moments are so sweet to read about. S's pajamas are so cute.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you create. I also made many homemades this year and love seeing how much they are appreciated. Have a nice weekend!


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