Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday: in and about

It is Wednesday and I am home! So far it has been a quiet morning to myself.  Some times, I need time to myself and not need to talk. It helps me to think through and focus on. This is the last week of school and final comes next week. Students are ready to be in break and I am ready to have long studio hours in my cubical studio space in the art department. Last night I made a new needle book.  It is super quick project to make.  I started with random patchwork then hand-quilted. I really like the uneven stitches that added on the patchwork. Don't you just love the strawberry print? It is delicious! The wooden button is perfect for the zakka style needle book.

{The other side of the needle book}
I have a full bowl of small scraps from my last couple projects. Scraps are great for any projects. For some scraps I like to cut them into 1.5"x1.5" and set them in my { postage quilt box}.

For the interior of the needle book. I used 100% linen for the needle placement and 100% wool felt for the flip.  

One the left needle book was made a while ago and the left needle book is the newborn. I do love the mini needle book. It is great for my {needles}. There's no more needles on the floor and no more step in needles since the needle book keeps them all together nicely.

It is crazy in my needle book. I have varies numbers of needles for different purpose of sewing. I have {in between} needles for hand quilting and my favorite number is # 10 . Also a few long hand-basting needle is good. Few embroidery needles in different numbers, so on.  I keep few sewing pins there in case I need to pin pieces together for sewing.

I am glad the day is bright and shine here today. The {kin-cha-ku} bag is done, but will show and tell later on.. sorry about the tease..



  1. I just made a needlebook last night - love yours! I need to stock up on more fun embellishments

  2. so sweet, Chase! i love your patchworking ;-)

  3. Your new needle book is adorable. Like pin cushions, you can't have too many!

  4. What you sew is so cute!! Love them all!! AnneK:-)

  5. I am sorting my scraps and you make me feel guilty when I want to throw some away because you make such lovely things with such small scraps.


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