Sunday, December 16, 2012


{ gift wrapping}

{S, the baker}

 {Cookies have been packed and ready to mail out}

{Music program was in action}

 { normally she catches me when I take photos of her, but not today}

 {Tai Curry for supper}

 {sugar cookies}

{ Not the fancy packing}

Two weekends in the row that we have been in and out most of the time. Finally, I am sitting down and just brew a pot of tea to catch up the {weekending} post.  I needed to confess that I haven't been sewing since made { Elise's Tote}. We have been living in the land of sugar, flour, butter, and eggs.  The oven heat has been great; cozy and warm!  We stuffed ourselves with the sweets before meal time. It is the month that we could have the excuse to have more sugar than we need.  A few gifts have been wrapped up, but still need to add to few things to the packages. It seems like they will be late for the delivery.  

S has been a wonderful helper this year! She took over some baking job for me. Best of all, she is much taller than the kitchen counter this year. As this past Friday at the Doctor's office for S' annual check up. She is 3 inches taller than last year and gaining the right weight for her age { She has been below the average}. She can reach out far to the end and able to pick up the tools.  She gets to sample cookies when they came out from the oven.  December has always been a full month of music activities for S.  Each weekend of December month, she has been participating in the music programs and volunteer at the nursing home to play music. I am a so awfully proud mama!  It took S years to overcome to play in the public stage.  Today was at the public library and guess what? She came home with a stack of books!  She has been reading since and it has been a quiet night for me... 

All the cookies have been packed and maybe a few kinds of cookies will be added to the box before send them away. I found packing cookies is hard. It seems like the plastic container is the way to go/ seal the cookies before they arrive the receiver's hands.  It might be a little late for this year, but I'd like to sew up a few recycle gift bags for next year.

Have you been baking? It has been a super busy weekending at {1/4" mark house}  



  1. Your cookies look wonderful!
    I imagine that the people in the nursing home enjoy the music very much!
    Lovely that you and S are having such a joyful holiday season!

  2. The cookies look so yummy, you girls are doing a good job on Christmas preparations, I should get busy with baking, too.

  3. The wrapping, the cookies, the tai food, the S - all look lovely, Chase! I only made fudge so far, and it was very easy. I love Christmas cookies and (kind of) miss making them. I would eat too many, and the dough also!

  4. Those all look so delicious! We do caramels 'round here. Mmm, curry. Love those little wreaths as well.

  5. busy here too. Baking, jamming, putting up trains and wrapping gifts. Your cookies look yummy

  6. I like your idea of rolling the log of dough in the sprinkles! I normally just sprinkle on top but yours is a great option. I've been making lime shortbread cookies with dried cherries cookies with chopped up Andes mints in them. Tonight it's chewy choco chip because who doesn't like chocolate chip?


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