Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby Patchwork Tote

Everything is slowing down finally! I am home today and tomorrow. It feels super great to caught up house cleaning and getting packages ready to mail out for the holiday. Slowly write cookie making list.  Last night, I finished a baby patchwork for {Elise}. Do you remember Elise, the baby girl ? She is almost one now! She is as healthy as she can be and very cute! 

Kim and I were planning to have coffee after our finals, but she is leaving tomorrow morning to her parents house for the holiday. That means, {sew, sew, sew, as fast as I can}. This baby tote isn't hard to put together. I try to pick up some novelty prints for Elise, so she can have fun with it.

Each square is cut 5"x5" and total of 12 different prints. I joined the three 5"x5" pieces in a row then piece top row and bottom row pieces together.  For the quilting, I used the straight lines to keep it clean look.

 It would be super cute if Elise has a little friend that she can tuck inside to play with for a play date.
S helped me made this little pup. I didn't do as good job as S did!  This little pup is made with soft fabric that you can find in any Joann fabric store. Inside stuffed with Polyester fills .

{A little note tag to Elise, the baby}

Surely, it has been a crazy week. I am feeling a bit of resting today. Soon, I will depart to the Good Will store for donation some clothes and dish wares.


  1. Beautiful tote Chase and S did a great job with the stuffed dog.
    What kind of cookies are you planning to make?

  2. You are so clever and thoughtful! Your friend, and baby Elise, are going to love what you and Stella have made.

    I just made some fudge about an hour ago . . . that will probably be it for my holiday baking but I'm looking forward to the pictures of whatever cookies you two make!

  3. Love that tote! So cute! And the pup too! What is on the bottom of the tote?

  4. Soo cute! And amazing productivity as always! I, too, am glad it is slowing down so I can catch up with cleaning and other projects for my own.

  5. Oh, they're so cute, Chase! You and Stella did a great job with the puppy, and the bag is darling, too! Glad you're finding time to relax. Or at least sew :)

  6. hi Chase, I loved this little tote bag so much - I just copied your idea and made a little tote bag for my 4 year old niece. I will email you with the link to our blog, which includes photos of the little bag I made, and a link back to your blog. thank you so much. Cat x


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