Monday, December 3, 2012

Radom: Monday

 { w.i.p}

The sun actually visited N.D. today and made the half of the day alike early spring time. Later, when I went pick up S from school it is all windy and COLD again!  S got blew away according to her statement when she was in the car.  I hold myself tied not to laugh and my response to her was {maybe we needed to added few big heavy potatoes in the backpack, so you can be stable when the wind comes.} 

Today, I took a little studio break and finished the hand-quilting for another {kin-cha-ku}. This time I used the mini charm pack that was sent from the last fabric order and added some accent prints. The opening will be modify as I am trying different looks. These squares are 2.5"x2.5" and finished at 2"x2".

 {Monica, thank you!}

S loves checking mail box and she takes great care of mail time and make sure if I get bills or fun mail. When she came in with three packages. I was shocked! There is an unexpected package from {Monica}. I didn't meet Monica in person, but have been loving her etsy shop and ordering from her {etsy shop} time to time.  She shared that she recently read { everything, but kitchen sink quilt} post and found that I am feeling homesick. Monica is so kind and generous to send me these fabric to play. I really have not idea who visits us here; only when you kindly leave me comments and I start get familiar with names. We are feeling very lucky and bless to meet many of you here. You are not only take your time to visit, leave comments, and also sending your warmth and cares to S.  It means much to us in many way....

 { M, thank you}

 { made 5 years ago}

I though I'd share the bottle bag that I made 5 years ago. The embroidery pattern came with 8 different images. I made this one into a bottle bag and have been using it for 5 years now. It has been a great bag and yes, I used the 30's reproduction fabric scraps from S' first quilt I made her. The only part that would like to improve would be the batting. I plan to use cotton batting instead of polyester batting.

{ scraps } 

More scraps to play and will keep busy...............{thank . you}

Happy Monday



  1. I'm just going to have to make one of your little bags sometime. I just love how you put the scraps together.

  2. Such perfect little stitches .)

  3. I love the little stitching of your hand-quilting. So pretty! Lovely fabrics, have fun with them.

  4. Hello Chase and S ! Your little stitches are beautiful . Where is N D , I'm tying to work out where you live that is so cold ? We had the hottest hottest hottest day here . I came home and went straight to the freezer to get a frozen Popsicle ! In Australia they call them Icy Poles ! I love your blog ! X

  5. How fun to get three packages in one day!! That is so sweet of her! I love the tiny solids patchwork!

  6. So, where are you homesick for. From the card you received I'm guessing somewhere Alpine (Austria, Switzerland or Germany). I'm from Germany and have been having bouts of homesickness recently, because I haven't seen my Omas and other extended family in way too long. But I've lived in the US since 3rd grade, so it's a little more tempered probably than if I had moved later in life. I hope we both make it back to see family soon!


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