Monday, December 17, 2012

Random: Monday

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Monday mornings have gotten rough to wake up. The sun is no longer rise before 8a.m. and sets before 4p.m.  S often asked me why she goes to bed in the dark and wakes up in the dark. Of course in the summer time would be the reverse saying.  As she grows older she starts to understand the nature of our earth and the important of the four seasons function every year. She hopes to see the northern light before we move away and this winter would be our last chance.

Last week, I finished hand-quilting the new {kin-cha-ku} aka drawstring bag, but didn't manage to finish up, so I stayed up last night and finished up the assembling process.  It is going to give away to my friend. She has been a great supportive friend to us. Over this year, we have been swapping cookies and exchanged canned food. Oh, yes.. she is the friend who has the cat, Shoney.  I hope she will like it!  

Finally I am onto S' garments making. I have been thinking how can I make it without her notice. I think I might need to sew little by little each night, so she won't find out till the day comes { wish me good luck}.

Start this week.. I decided to eat breakfast, the healthy kind. Normally two cups of dark coffee are my morning booster, but I think it hasn't been ideal to my body. Likely, I am eating something around 10 and something around 11.. then eating something around 2 p.m. None of the food is good and healthy.  Then the weight of  my body is going up up up... I need get back to the normal food eating habit, so healthy body will come to me. 

Another busy week is ahead of us and let's keep busy in the kitchen, in the sewing room, and in the sharing of the holiday season~ 




  1. Lovely kinchaku, Chase! Good luck on the stealth sewing!

  2. Pretty kinchaku! And good luck with the healthy eating plan... your daughter needs a fit and healthy mother!

  3. Pure LOVE! Especially the Kinchaku, not to be outdone by your phots of them!

  4. I can't wait to see what you are making S! I'm with you on he healthy eating! I too have decided this is enough of the mindless junk & have been being more careful with what I put in my mouth. :)


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