Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best giving

 { To five little gentle souls}

It is hard to put today's post together. Many thoughts came cross my mind in last few days. I would love to share,  but I decided to keep this post simple. Yesterday, I read {Di} and {Maureen}'s post and discovered there's a {pillow case drive for Sandy Hook Elementary school } . When we came home last night, I started cutting fabric and finding coordinating prints to make pillow cases.  Finally, I decided to share with S the Sandy Hook Elementary school news.  It is a hard news to share with her. She was sad and asked if she could help out. She helped pinning the pieces together.  As I was sewing, S wrote a card and asked me to send along with the pillow cases.

Kerri has a fabulous and simple step pillow case{ tutorial here} or you can check on {Flickr}. It takes 3/4 yard for main print; 1/4 yard for cuff print and 2" wide for the trim.  If you have few minutes and able to sew up one or two pillow cases..  Please send to

Quilters Corner 
312 Danbury Rd 
New Milford, CT



  1. Chase
    I am in tears. Sweet S is such a loving and caring girl. I bet you are so proud of her.
    Did you hear that they are also making snowflakes out of coffee filters to send to the school, so that the kids can return to a winter wonderland. Just Google snowflakes for sandy hook school.

  2. A lovely gesture Chase. Hugs to your little S.
    merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. So glad you and S were able to help. These small acts if kindness will help heal the community. Now we need to heal the world. Love that S helped too!

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