Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Random: Sew Fresh

 {  scrappy patchwork}

 {before 2013}


 { from old to new}

 { the station}

 { new year cards, from xo S}

 {for stamp quilt}
 {prints from the past}

 { do you have stashes like this around?}

 { like this, but different corner?}

 {maybe a box of thread}

{ pin board 2013}

Like every year, I stay up for the night to welcome the new year to arrive.  The sound from furnace running, sewing machine clunking, movie playing, S breathing from her gentle sleep, and iron steaming.... It really was the kind of night that I get to simmer through my new year incoming events in my head; calm and still.

Before 2013 arrived, I cut more 1.5"x1.5" fabric and added to the Stamp Quilt box and it is full!  It is time to start this project. I started this Stamp Quilt box over two years ago, when I saw {Katy's scrap vomit} { she also has a tutorial}.  I truly love the way she plays with her scraps. Few weeks back, {Amanda Jean aka crazymomquilts} has her finished up. I am in love with these quilts and of course, I need to make one myself. So, I shall have first of 2013 quilt in progress.  The plan for me is make a few blocks a week and enjoy each simple process. 

As a stash hoarder builder, I would like to add purples, oranges, browns, and greens into the stash. It is hard to find the ones that feel right and bravely order them. It will be a good challenging for me.

The {pin board} is clear last night. A space for these scrap patchwork is needed. As I look at them, they are fairly small! Each patchwork piece is finished at 7.5"x7.5" and BIG quilt is what I have in mind.

The first day of 2013, we are busy sewing and reading. Hope you have a sew fresh 2013 to start with your first day of 2013.



  1. Those little blocks are adorable. What a fun concept for a quilt.
    I started 2013 sewing too. Great way to start!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Little tiny squares...your quilt will be beautiful. I've started a scrappy trip along vomit version. It's fun to finally use up my scraps for a quilt

  3. Your squares are very little. Won't it be stunning when done!

  4. Oh, I love your fabric stash and great choice of threads! Your work in progress looks sooo time-consuming, the squars are really too little :)
    Have a lovely time, J.


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